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Relevant reads and reviews from my Goodreads site.

If They Could See Me Now

Author: Denise Welch

Read this within 24 hours – a great read and a moving exploration of love, families and self esteem.

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Mad Girl

Author: Bryony Gordon

She’s been described as the real life Bridget Jones – but there’s definitely more of an edge. A journey through mental illness, growing up, partying hard, landing a dream job and falling in love.

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Scrambled Heads

Author: Emily Palmer

It’s hard enough as an adult to get your head around what your head is doing when it runs off on its own journey without a roadmap. As a child, its another matter entirely

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Sober Stick Figure

Author: Amber Tozer

I read this book in like 3 days or something. I couldn’t put it down. I love memoir, and I love books on mental health. But the ones that can make you laugh too – well they become instantly more relate able. And Amber Tozer is definitely relate able.

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Reasons to stay alive

Author: Matt Haig

This is one of those books that makes you want to read every line aloud to your poor husband who is trying to watch the UFC. Because there’s something on almost every page that leaps out and touches you. Thing is, every time you interrupt said husband with a Matt Haig quote he can’t help but listen, reflect and smile. Because this book rings so so true.

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Paradoxical Undressing / Rat Girl

Author: Kristin Hersh

You read half the book not realising that you are picking up on all the little details within a story seemingly of gigs, school and friendships – albeit with some serious quirks. All of a sudden the mind and pages are literally racing..

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Drugs without the hot air: Minimizing the harms of legal and illegal drugs

Author: David Nutt

Seriously good book. If you think illegal drugs are the most dangerous, think again. David Nutt opens our eyes to the other factors that make drugs dangerous – looking beyond social conditioning of what is and isn’t considered acceptable.

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The Narcissist Test

Author: Dr Craig Malkin

Absolutely fascinating. Dr Craig Malkin shows us that there is so much more to narcissism than vanity – and what the narcissist chooses to show us.

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The Skeleton Cupboard: Stories from a Clinical Psychologist

Author: Tanya Byron

An interesting journey through the eyes of a young and naive clinical psychologist. When Tanya first qualified, she was met with a whole host of vulnerable, interesting and challenging clients – not to mention her challenging boss!

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Schizophrenia: Who Cares? A father’s story

Author: Tim Salmon

It’s hard to rate this book in some ways as I am conflicted. On the one hand, I couldn’t put it down and read it within 48 hours. I think of Tim Salmon as an incredibly brave parent who fought hard to get his son the very best care that he could. He shares a very honest account and it almost hurts to read it as I can only imagine the situation he, and his son Jeremy, have lived with for many years. As a parent of a teenager, it is incredibly saddening to hear of the hopes and dreams he had for Jeremy when he headed off to University, an intelligent and popular student.

On the other hand, I really struggled with some of his comments that I felt were judgemental. And contradictory to his beliefs in many ways.

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Eating Smoke: One Man’s Descent into Crystal Meth Psychosis in Hong Kong’s Triad Heartland

Author: Chris Thrall

I could NOT put this book down. A gripping read that takes you through some bizarre and terrifying events as psychosis takes hold and becomes more and more intense.

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And I don’t want to live this life

Author: Deborah Spungen

Could not put this book down. Makes you think about the caricatures the media turns people into and feel guilty for first impressions. Nancy Spungen, the junkie girlfriend of Sid Vicious. Murdered in a hotel room. And the daughter of middle class suburban parents, who could never sit still as a toddler and screamed at her childhood night terrors.

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