Writing for Standard Issue on why I’d choose garden centres over clubbing any day!

Me and my lovely fella walked into Seaton Delaval Hall in Northumberland a couple of weekends ago.

We proudly flashed our shiny new National Trust membership cards and, in that moment, everything changed. And it felt so good.

We became part of something. A new tribe. The National Trust membership crew. We reached the gold standard in weekend pursuits and we’re seriously buzzing about it. #SquadGoals

But we’re not alone in this realisation that domesticity rocks.

I grew up wanting to be punk rock (in reality, I was as close to anarchy as Trump is to reason) and it seems my punk rock idols were actually early adopters of domestic bliss.

John Lydon started hanging out in tartan pyjamas and spreading Country Life butter on his toast. And these days, Kelley Deal is as famous for her knitted bags as she is for playing lead guitar in The Breeders. So I’m following in some pretty impressive footsteps when I declare my love for cosy pyjamas, garden centres and early nights.

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