Poetic nervousness

dreamstime_xs_69124097So, one thing the Time to Change Storycamp taught us was to try different ways of getting messages out there. To date, aside from one post (3am Eternal) I have tried to view my anxiety and pain with humour. It works for me. However, there is something playing on my mind and someone I miss. And they love poetry. But they would probably hate this.

Anyway, it’s not my forte. It could be grossly cringey. But I’m giving it a go. It’s better than putting myself on video anyway (and on that subject, you should check out Andrea Wade’s vlog as she is seriously good at it. Perhaps one day I will take the plunge, but for now….


I know you’re there

I caught a glimpse

A gentle smile

Oh fontanelle


You raised your hat

I saw a wink

The laughter roared

The briefest spell


The ups and downs

Our life endures

Keep us at bay

To keep you well


You hide your eyes

The brim so wide

You speak of pain

These years of hell


I knock on wood

It’s grown so strong

Recoiling from

The love I tell


And now you’re gone

So silence says

No hurt can reach

No fontanelle

Hmm…I can always go back to taking the piss out of myself!

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